Fence Materials Pricing

Heartland Pricing

Common Material Cost Per Piece    
DescriptionLengthDiameterStick PriceNote
8' Regular Rail8 ft3-4"$12Dowelled
16' Regular Rail16 ft3-4"$24Blank
8' Jumbo Rail8 ft4-5"$15Dowelled
16' Jumbo Rail16 ft4-5"$30Blank
Blank Post8 ft5-6"$17Blank
2-Rail Line Post5 ft5-6"$15Standard Only
2-Rail End/Corner5 ft6-7"$19add Custom Fee
3-Rail Line Post7 ft5-6"$18Standard Only
3-Rail End/Corner8 ft6-7"$22Standard Only
Custom Drilled Post5.1-8 ft5-6"$21add Custom Fee
Blank 10' Post10 ft5-6"$24Blank
Blank 12' Post12 ft5-6"$29Blank
Blank Jumbo Post8 ft6-7"$21Blank
Custom Jumbo Post8 ft6-7"$27add Custom Fee
Blank Mega Post8 ft7-8"$30Blank
Custom Mega Post8 ft7-8"$37add Custom Fee
***All custom rails and posts requires $50 + 25% extra per piece
***Cash or Check gets 3% Discount!
***Discounts for bulk! $1000+ order gets 5%, $3000+ gets 10%
***Standard Posts are 2.5" holes, 6" headspace, 15" Spacing
Wood Gates (includes Hinge and Drop Latch)
Length2-Rail3-RailWire Add-on
4' - 5.49'$180$190$20
5.5' - 7'$190$200$25
7.01' - 8.5'$220$230$30
Wood Gate Hinge$80
Wood Lock Latch$45
Delivery: $3/mile + $30 for 2 bundles or less. Ask for larger.