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Post and Pole Fencing in Middleton, Idaho

A Heartland fence is delivered on-time, on-budget, and you’ll love it!

Post and Pole Fencing

You’ll have fun working with us and be amazed how easy it is. We are the very best fence installers and will guarantee everything works great!

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Explore our dowelled, flat-cut rails, drilled or blank posts used in fencing, corrals, garden enclosures and more! 

What makes Heartland Different


Everyone should be treated with the greatest respect, especially you.


We like pampering you. Honestly, the hardest part is signing the check.


Every fence should be a thing of beauty. So we do nothing else.

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Each year a few people do choose that other, cheaper guy. After a bad experience, we come in and help clean up. Those clients are now our strongest advocates!

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