We believe in doing things the Idaho way — Gettin’ it done and makin’ it sturdy. A Heartland fence is a bit of the old west in your backyard, so we know it will do a good job protecting your homestead.


Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for contacting Heartland! We believe so strongly in the quality of our fences and our team that we Guarantee it!

If you really want to understand the Heartland Difference, you know which questions to ask. Below is a list of questions you should ask every contractor (including Heartland!) before making your choice!

Underneath each question, I’ve answered this question for Heartland, and explained why it’s important!

Business Practices

How long have you been in business?
Heartland has been in business for over 23 years. We have a well established business with regular, repeat clients. Everyone knows stories of some random guy who claimed to be a contractor just to get a quick dollar. Stick with experience!
How do you select your employees, and how much customer training do they have?
At Heartland, each and every employee is fully trained and “Trust Certified” to work with customers. We have regular feedback loops and incentives to ensure the very highest level of your happiness. These are the people that will be at your home!
Do you guarantee your price?
Heartland not only guarantees our price (it only changes if you want to add more work!), but we guarantee every part of the experience. You have complete control through every part of the process.
How responsive are you through the process?
This is also a question you should be asking yourself. How long does it take the contractor to return phone calls and emails? Test them – test Heartland too!
Can you give me some nearby examples of your recent work that is similar to this?
Heartland does work all over the valley. It’s worth the time to drive to check out the work. If they don’t have any work nearby, that might be a concern.

Quality Control

How do you I know I’ll get a good fence?
Heartland offers the Heartland Guarantee. You don’t pay until you’re satisfied. Most contractors require some, if not all, up front. Once they’re paid…
Do you guarantee in writing that 100% of your wood (both in the ground and out of the ground) is pressure-treated? (not dip treated, not stained, or anything else!)
Heartland will give it to you in writing! This shouldn’t be as big of a deal, but every year we hear stories about clients who are given promises that the wood is pressure treated, but later discover some (or all) of it is not. Get it in writing.
Do you screen every piece of wood for defects and blemishes?
Heartland touches every single piece of wood we install. We regularly pull out and discard any pieces that don’t pass quality standards.
Do you use only pine (not doug fir or other woods that don’t last as long)?
Pine is more expensive, but Heartland knows that it’s worth it. Other wood types either are not as strong, or do not hold the treatment as well.
What techniques does your team use to ensure the fence is straight and level?
Heartland has a team of specialists with years of experience. We go carefully and use a host of tools, but the real secret is that we walk the fence again when it’s all finished to really make sure it shines. Many contractors will pre-drill every hole, then just “make it work” without looking behind them as they go.

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