Custom Post and Pole Work

You can get anything from broomsticks to telephone poles! Heartland has the most customizable machinery in the Treasure Valley. Give us a call and describe your project; we’ve got your back. Whether it’s landscaping, a garden enclosure, a dog run, vineyard/hop posts, or something we’ve never heard of, we’ll help you see your project through!

See some examples of custom work below:


Post and Pole Garden Enclosure
Post and Pole Garden Posts

The Heartland Guarantee

We are proud of the work we do for our clients.  And to make sure our clients are happy too, we stick by our Heartland Guarantee!

  • We do not use bowed or curved rails.  Your fence will be straight and beautiful!
  • We measure everything precisely so your posts are exactly the same height!
  • We deliver projects on time and on budget so there are no surprises!**
  • Our fencing team is polite, approachable and they clean up after every job!
  • If you have any questions, our team will know exactly where we’re at with your project!
  • We are easy to get a hold of.  We answer our phones Monday-Saturday and we return calls and emails quickly!

**Does that mean you can’t change your mind?  Of course not!  We have clients who start to see their fence come together and they decide to add a section or a gate.  We’ll give you a quote on the spot and get your approval before we continue!